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Our main clinic is located in Revelstoke B.C. with limited appointments in Nelson.

Using our Click4Time system, one-time visitors book as "guest". Repeat clients register to: 1) book future appointments using only an email address (no form completion); 2) view upcoming appointments calendar; 3) view/print receipts; and 4) reschedule or cancel (with more than 24 hours notice).


Four categories are used when booking to guide needs and expectations (click each to review).

Based on Heidi's assessment, choosing "integrative" gives Heidi the green light to combine all techniques at her disposal best suited for treatment and rehabilitation of persistent and chronic conditions.
"Deep Tissue" employs stronger pressure and myofacial release techniques employed in sports massage therapy and deep Swedish massage (use of elbow, hot stone, etc.)
"Relaxation" employs gentle Swedish massage technique (with or without oil) utilizing a system of long strokes, kneading, and friction techniques on the superficial muscle layers, along with active and passive joint movements, to increase relaxation, blood circulation, and general body awareness. 100% La Stone therapy sessions are also included in this category. La Stone combines gentle Swedish massage techniques with the application of heated stones. It encourages blood flow through muscle tissue to flushes toxins and trigger the body’s self healing mechanisms.
Ortho-Bionomy® treatment (45, 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions available). Recognized by the BC College of Massage Therapists, Ortho-Bionomy® is an osteopathic-based form of manual therapy used to improve musculoskeletal health and function. LEARN MORE >

Arrival at Our Clinic

For all treatments, clients are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled time to relax and decompress. Please observe COVID protocols.

Late Arrivals

Late arrivals receive remaining allotted time. Over 20 minutes triggers cancellation. Full payment required regardless of treatment time. Last minute emergencies call 250-814-7152.

Therapeutic Treatments

For those receiving treatments for persistent pain, 15 minutes are added NO CHARGE to initial 60 minute appointment (75 minutes total) to listen as you explain the nature and impact of your ailment. We want to know the origin(s) of your pain and how it affects your quality of life.

Relaxation Massage

For those treating themselves or others to a wonderful relaxation massage, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute sessions are available.

24-hour Notice Required for all Cancellations

Payment in full required for “no-shows” or late cancellations unless:

  • The appointment can be filled.
  • Cancellation is due to COVID-19 symptoms or exposure (proof of test within 7 days).
  • Depending on circumstances, unforeseen last-minute cancellation fees may be adjusted at the clinic’s discretion.
  • Missed appointment fees are not eligible for direct billing or insurance coverage.

Proudly Serving Revelstoke's High-Octane Indoor/Outdoor Sports Community.

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